Q: What is the minimum ordering quantity?

A: Our minimum ordering price would be $350 before GST.


Q: How much is the delivery cost?

Our delivery price is revised to $30 from December 2021 onwards.


Q: What is the template for packing for?

A: It is a template for your complete orderlist. We will pack according to each individual order into bags to make things hassle free for you.


Q: What is the file upload section for?

A: It is for you to upload the Excel sheet template once you are done filling up the required details.


Q: I want to order drinks along with the buns, how do I do that?

A: You can select your drinks at the Signature Drinks and Espresso Drinks section on the Cart page. Please checkout your drink orders along with your buns orders! Do remember to include your drinks orders in the excel file too.


Q: What are the timeslots we can choose from? Where can I pick my timeslot?

A: Our available timeslots are from 3 – 5pm or 5 – 7pm. The timeslots can be chosen at the Checkout page.


Q: I have have more questions, how can I contact you?

A: You can contact for more enquiries.